Saturday, August 10, 2019


Last summer we had a grand family reunion on the Gulf Coast, USA. This year we convened close to my home, on the Mediterranean, at a beachside restaurant called a chiringuito. 

A typical chiringuito on the Costa del Sol, a few steps from the Mediterranean Sea.

Here's our gang. We've reserved a table, although on this weekday, the beach was not too crowded.

An old fishermen's custom on the Málaga coast--grilling fish on espetos, or skewers, stuck in the sand. Here a beached fishing boat is filled with sand to contain the fire. 

Our lunch! Fresh, locally-caught sardines and a whole lubina, sea bass. 

We start with plates of fried boquerones (fresh anchovies) and calamares (squid), tiny wedge-shelled clams (coquinas) and, of course, salad. Grown-ups are drinking tinto de verano, red wine with lemon soda and lots of ice. I noticed at a nearby table, three ladies of a certain age, ordering the second bottle of chilled vino rosado, rosé.

A squeeze of lemon on the calamares? Of course! My grandsons, from left, Lucas, 14; Nico, 10, and Leo, 15. 

Fresh anchovies, locally caught, crisply fried.

These coquinas (wedge-shelled clams) were superlative!

Mixed salad. The chiringito's thatched roof makes for curious lighting effects. But, the shade is sure welcome.

We ordered a small paella as a side dish and shared it all around. Good idea. 

Grilled sardines! This is what I came for! 

And, the whole sea bass, roasted to perfection.

On the Beach, Part 1, the Gulf Coast.
Another chiringuito lunch on the Mediterranean.
Lunch and Roman ruins on an Atlantic beach.

Recipes for some of the pictured food:
Fishermen-Style Wedge-Shell Clams.
Fried Squid (Calamares) and Fresh Anchovies (Boquerones).
Grilled Sardines.
Mixed Salad.

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