Thursday, July 12, 2018


A week at the beach! But not the Costa del Sol, where I live. We're at Orange Beach, Alabama, for a grand family reunion. With 12 people in two condos overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, we are keeping two kitchens in near-constant operation. Lots of gazpacho for steamy-hot days. Corn-on-the-cob with olive oil. Grilled steaks. And, of course, paella for the whole gang.

The Gulf Coast is big shrimp country. The paella has unshelled jumbo Royal Red shrimp on top and smaller, peeled white shrimp cooked with the saffron rice. Calamares (squid) were frozen and mussels came from far away. I brought the La Mancha saffron with me. Perfect with Spanish pink cava. (Photos by Daniel Searl.)

Surf 'n turf--boneless ribeye steaks, medium rare, with Gulf shrimp and corn cooked with Louisiana shrimp-boil spices. 
Family reunion on the beach.

Eli on white sands.

In the surf! 

With Elaine on the beach.

Lucas at sundown, doing the dance.

Sundown. What's for dinner tonight? Maybe Gulf red snapper, locally caught.

Paella recipe from a previous trip to the U.S. is here


  1. Lovely time with the family and of course, amazing food! ��

  2. Great pictures and even better food! I'd love to visit Spain!