Saturday, April 4, 2015


Adding flour to the levadura madre, the starter dough for making bread. We are preparing dough for hornazos, bread rolls with eggs, a traditional Easter snack.
Con las manos en la masa-- Hands kneading dough to make traditional Easter breads, hornazos.      
Once the dough is kneaded until it is no longer sticky, Antonio Garcia shows the particpants how to pinch off pieces and shape them into small balls to enclose a raw egg.

Each person gets to shape the hornazos. Most are simple little rolls; others are boats, baskets, turtles. In my village, the hornozos are made of basic bread dough with a little matalahúga, aniseed. In other towns, they may have oil or lard, sugar or honey added. 

Many hands roll out the dough.

The rolls are covered and left in a warm place to rise. Here, an electric heater underneath is the heat source.

Antonio puts the first tray of hornazos into the wood-fired oven. This oven is similar to the traditional bread ovens.

Fresh out of the oven--a tray of hornazos, bread rolls with eggs.

The Mijas village tourism department gives away bags of hornazos to visitors on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Grist for the political mill. The current mayor of Mijas, Angel Nozal (Partido Popular), who is running for re-election next month, dumps wheat in the mill for grinding and gets his manos en la masa as well.

Freshly-ground wheat flour.

Hornazos, a typical Easter bread, with egg baked in the dough.



  1. Dear Janet,

    I've started using your blog as one of my guides in Spanish cuisine. I've only just gotten to Spain (Madrid) and am learning about its foods. I have been on the lookout for typical Easter dishes, I made torrijas this weekend. I have tried these hornazos before, in an old bakery in Chinchon (Madrid province), but didn't know they were Easter breads. Any other things you make around this time of year?



    1. Anneke: I'm glad you find my blog useful as an introduction to Spanish cuisine. During Semana Santa, which has just ended, bacalao dishes are very typical. (Use the blog Search window if you want to find those recipes.) Also, milk puddings. One recipe is here I like the name of your blog, Lentils on Friday. My recipe for Friday lentils is here