Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here I am in my kitchen in Spain. The video clip comes from a TV program, Diez Razones Para Ir a Mijas (10 Reasons to Go to Mijas), that aired recently on Canal Sur television in southern Spain.

I am reason number eight. Well, not me exactly. I along with two other expats (a Swiss and a Japanese) represent the village’s resident foreigners. I am preparing ajo blanco con uvas, white gazpacho with grapes, (the recipe is here) to serve to my guests. We expats sit around the kitchen table and talk about what we like about life here in Andalusia and what we like to eat. It’s all in Spanish!

In another segment on the show, a cook in a local bar prepares salmorejo, a favorite tapa, a salad of oranges, salt cod, onions and olives.  (A recipe for that salad is here. In my version, also called ensalada malagueña, I swapped shrimp for the salt cod.)

Reason Número Uno? The famous Burros Taxis that carry tourists on a loop around the plaza get first place. Should you wish to watch the whole program (about 30 minutes), the link is here.


  1. hi,well love your blog just found it looking to see what kale is at spain,cabbage right?i live at rota spain since 1975,i was 15 then and got married to a roteño,love to cook,hard when your on a diet lol,i saw that tv show very nice,ive been on a lot of tv shows but for a different reason,well do you have facebook?would like to be in touch thamks cristina bucovaz risso,haha my mom spanish dad american italian

    1. Cristina: Kale is a member of the cabbage family, but produces leaves, not round heads. Called col rizada. Keep in touch on the blog!